I’ve been off social media for a few days.  I just needed a break.  I’m back now.

While I was away, I spent the entire weekend out taking photos, which felt great.  One of the locations I photographed was the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia.  We had full access to all the buildings for the entire morning, some portions of them going back to the Civil War.  One of the buildings on the large campus was a medical facility.  I can only guess what took place within that facility.  In the lowest level, I came across the morgue.  It still has a two-shelf human body cooler for storing bodies and a coffin on the floor.  MJ referred to this photo as creepy.  I didn’t feel that way, but I’m weird.


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BTW_2352b wm.JPG

Memorial Amphitheater

This cool little spot…well it isn’t really a small place, is within Arlington National Cemetery near The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I had no idea it existed until we found it by mistake.  I assume they use if for performances, if not what a shame.  They (we the people of the United States) clearly spent a ton of money building this great theater.


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BTW_0987 wm.JPG

Down View

Here is a unique perspective of the US Steel Building in Pittsburgh.  We don’t normally see the world from these angles.  I’ve taken a bunch of photos looking straight up buildings in the past.  I haven’t taken many like this using the opposite perspective.  I’m digging it.

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DJI_0592 wm.JPG

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

I loved this cathedral in downtown Kiev, but I had a hard time capturing it.  It’s large so you need to get back to get it all in, but you can’t due to the outside wall surrounding the building.  You also can’t get a clean shot without dozens of people standing in the way.  There are some clean perspectives around the back that are not as pretty.  So, I went with this zoomed in perspective of the rooftop, which was also hard to capture due to trees (as you can see). 

The position of this cathedral is great within the city.  Its at the end of a major road overlooking the Dnieper River.  The facility itself is amazing.  I just failed as a photographer to capture it.  Sorry about that.


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BTW_6281 wm.JPG


During our time in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, we had a cool opportunity to visit Duga.  Of course, the entire experience was amazing, but this spot was super cool. 

Duga is a Soviet built Over-The-Horizon radar system used as an early missile defense system from 1976 to 1989.  When it was working, it was nicknamed the Russian Woodpecker by shortwave listeners due to its pattern of clicks and napping noises. 

This thing is massive.  I’m guessing here so don’t hold me to this (and I looked on the Intranet for specs but failed to final anything), but I’d say it is a couple hundred feet high and maybe a half mile long.  It just when on, and on, and on……  This photo captures about a third of the entire structure. 

As you can tell, it was fall at the time and I took this photo with my drone at sunset.  It might not seem like such a good photo to you, but for me, it’s the memory that makes it special.

I captured a ton of video at this spot and around Chernobyl.  Maybe someday I’ll edit some of that to share with you.


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DJI_0464 wm.JPG

6th Street

Have a great weekend.  I had all kinds of ideas about what I could and should do….  And I’m not doing any of them.  So, what did I do?  I ran a 5K fun run today to raise money and awareness for TRPIL, but otherwise I’ve got lazy and didn’t do much.

I took this photo few weeks ago at dusk in downtown Pittsburgh.  I think Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with amazing views.  This is one of many such spots.  If you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh, this is the 6th Street Bridge in the foreground and the downtown area of the city behind it.

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DJI_0502 wm.JPG

Bus Station

How is your Wednesday?  I hope you had a wonderful time.

Chernobyl Bus Station:  I took this photo during our trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.  This bus station in Pripyat is pretty cool.  As you can tell, mother nature is taking over…… 


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BTW_9293 wm.JPG

Colorful Chairs

When I pulled this photo up tonight before posting it, MJ said…”you don’t have colorful Easter eggs for them, but you have colorful chairs in that photo”.  So I’m going with it!! 


I took this photo on the east side of Bonaire at a Kite Surfing spot.  The colors and textures caught my eye as we explored the area.  Just looking at this photo, makes we want to go back.  What an amazing country!!  Everything about it is just beautiful.

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BTW_4477b wm.JPG

US Steel Building

Sorry I’ve been absent lately…. Just very busy with work lately. 

I finally got out to take some photos last night.  Yes, finally!!!  Dave, Emily and I hit the North Shore of Pittsburgh.  We took some photos, grabbed dinner and then took some more photos. 

Here is an unusual Pittsburgh perspective for you.  Have a great weekend.

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DJI_0601c wm.JPG


I think I mentioned last week that I need to get out an take some photos……  Well, nothing has changed since then… I haven’t taken any photos and I still need/want to….


Tonight’s photo is from our past exploration of the abandoned Pennsylvania prison….  I can’t imagine what this looked like or felt like with a couple hundred prisoners inside it.  It felt dark, sad, and repressive with it empty….


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BTW_8053 wm.JPG

Speeding Across Smithfield

I took this photo about a year ago, but just processed (edited) it today.  Using my normal process, (total random selection about what photo I process next) I came across this beauty this morning.  I had a rare event happen.  I had a few hours with nothing to do so I processed a large batch of photos.  I normally do few per day, but don’t often get a large amount of time to dedicate towards it.  It was raining outside, housework was done, and we didn’t have anywhere to go so it became photo editing time.

About this photo:  Blair, Dave and I went for a photo walk in early 2018 around the Smithfield Bridge in Pittsburgh.  We met up after work to capture some photos, grab dinner, and take more photos at sunset.  I captured this one as a number of cars and a bus zoomed passed me.  Pittsburgh has some interesting and beautiful bridges.  The Smithfield Bridge is high on the list of wonderful spots.   

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BTW_2688 wm.JPG

Bonaire Summer Nights

What a great country!!!  I want to go back right now.  Can I pretty please???  Okay, I know I have adult things to do, so I’ll stop complaining now. 

 I took this photo a little after sunset on the beach in front of our resort.  They started a fire on the beach a few minutes after I took this photos and people sat around it on those bean bag chairs you see in the lower right portion. 

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BTW_5137 wm.JPG

Cape Town Park

I took this photo during our South Africa trip at the end of 2017.  We spent a little time in this park checking out the plants, flowers, and animals.  I wanted to check out where this path went to, but I didn’t get the chance.  What a beautiful spot.  Can you imagine having this amazing park in your hometown?


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10.246 wm.JPG

Abandoned Detroit

This is one of my favorite spots in Detroit.  The Michigan Central Station in the background is a wonderful spot.  The evening I took this photo, my group had 5 drones flying around at the same time (which was interesting)…. More importantly, the sky was magical that night to help make this photo special.

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400.01 wm.JPG

Mariyinsky Palace

This beautiful palace sits on a hilly back of the Dnipro River in downtown Kiev Ukraine.  Blair and I had a hard time capturing a photo of this building without hundreds of military soldiers around it.  They were expecting protesters, so they called in the military to guard this and many other spots in the city that day.  Let’s just say it made for an interesting day within the city.


This is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine.  It was originally built between 1744 and 1752 for the Russian empire royalty.  It also serves as the residence for Governors-General in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Sadly, it was burned down by a number of fires in the 19th century but was reconstructed later using old drawings and watercolors as their guide.  In the early 1900s, it was part of an agricultural school and museum.  It was badly damaged in World War II and restored again in the late 1940s.  Today it serves for official functions for the Ukrainian President.

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BTW_5937 wm.JPG

Stained Glass

I really need to get out and take more photos.  I have all kinds excuses, which I’ll spare listing for you.  Some of them are real and some I’ve just let get in my way.  Basically, I have a mental block right now.  I need a photography kick in the butt.  I need to get outside, get in an abandoned building, get out of bed to catch a sunrise, put my drone in the air and/or just find a beautiful spot to capture.  Something to get me motivated.

Today’s photo is one I took a while back at a classic Pittsburgh spot.  This beautiful abandoned cathedral is one of my favorites.    


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22.02 wm.JPG


I hope you have a great weekend.  Today’s post is from Bonaire.  They have this really cool Donkey Sanctuary on the island.  For a small fee, you can drive your vehicle through the property.  The donkey’s come up to the vehicle by the hundreds.  If I remember correctly, there are over 700 of them in the compound and it seemed like every single one of them came to see us.  This little guy just loved us.


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BTW_4903 wm.JPG