I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my photo editing lately.  I’ll always be behind, but sometimes I get into these editing modes and zip through a bunch.  With that in mind, I was in the editing zone yesterday and was working on some photos from the last Vikings game I covered.  This is Terence Newman, who is now a coach for the Vikings after playing for 15 NFL seasons.  He retired on September 1, 2018 and immediately became a coach. 

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BTW_7797 wm.JPG

Ricketts Glen

Here is an oldie…meaning I took this photo a few years ago.  It has been sitting on my hard drive in my folder where I save photos to share with you some day.  For whatever reason, I’ve passed over this one for some time.  But today is the day for it.  Enjoy this waterfall from Ricketts Glen State Park in central Pennsylvania.

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38077 Ricketts Glen State Park PA 2014 wm.JPG

Street Performer

I rarely take photos of people when I’m off the football field.  And almost never when we’re traveling…  I’m just not into it most of the time.  But on this day in Old San Juan, I couldn’t pass by this street performer without capturing a photo.  He was just a cool cat with lots of character.  By the way, you can see the cathedral (Catedral de San Juan Bautista) in the background.

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42062 San Juan Cruise 2017 wm.JPG


Last spring, we left on a cruise out of Long Beach California.  MJ and I arrived a little ahead of time and spent some time around that area exploring the city and visiting with friends.  During that time, I took this photo of our hotel pool at night.  It was the most interesting thing in the area (we stayed in Carson), since the hotel was surrounded by industrial sites.

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989.04 wm.JPG



Chernobyl Bumper Cars

In the city of Pripyat (just outside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant), we explored parts of the city center during our visit.  They were getting ready for a city festival that was scheduled to take place and then the nuclear accident happened.  As you can imagine, the city got evacuated and the festival never took place.  Over thirty years later the carnival rides are still there abandoned like everything else.  Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and other rides just rusting away….

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BTW_8441 wm.JPG


I’ve been to Washington DC a number of times, maybe more than 20 times over the course of fifteen years.  During all those visits, I’ve never had the chance to visit any of the Smithsonian museums until our trip last August.  MJ and I went to visit a couple of friends and she took me to the museums (she’s been before without me).  I liked them all.  I took this photo inside the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  If you’ve never visited these museums, put them on your “To Do” list. 

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BTW_1522 wm.JPG

Cadet Chapel

I love the design of this chapel.  My three hours at this site wasn’t long enough…but it was getting cold and dark, plus visiting hours at the U.S. Air Force Academy were coming to an end….  So, I called for my Uber went back to my hotel.  That was about a year ago.  I’ll have to plan another trip in the future. 

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BTW_8370b Watermark.jpg


Last Sunday night’s game was enjoyable, at least for me.  The weather was warm (for December), there was a lot of action, high scoring, and I didn’t get hurt.  I only have a couple more home games to cover before the season is done….unless the Steelers have some playoff games at home.  Here is a photo of Antonio Brown I captured last weekend.  This was right after he scored a 28-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

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BTW_4309 wm.jpg

Inside Carrie Furnace

Per my normal routine, I’ve been hopping around processing photos from different trips, photo walks, locations, dates, etc…  Last weekend I was processing photos I took in 2016 from the Carrie Furnace.  That’s when I found this beauty waiting to be viewed.  This was inside the main building that supported the steel blast furnace. 

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BTW_2708c wm.jpg

Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor #4

Wow!!  Its been over a month since we left the Ukraine.  I can’t believe it and I haven’t processed many photos from that trip yet.  Heck, I’ve been trying to finish up photos from a 2016 Europe trip….  I can’t imagine how many years it will take me to process the tons of photos I took at Chernobyl.  This is one of the few I’ve completed so far.  Blair and I explored Nuclear Reactor #5, which never got completed.  We found this view looking back at the melted down Reactor #4.  As you can tell, they have the protective shield over it now.


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BTW_9242 wm.jpg

Currently Trump Land

I took this photo in August while MJ and I were in Washington DC visiting friends.  We stayed at a hotel a few blocks from the White House and I went over at sunset to capture some images.  I had a hard time capturing any without the protesters who were in front.  So I had to get creative with my composition.

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BTW_4000 wm.jpg


Happy Thursday!!  I hope you had a great day.  I’m ready for Friday and the start of the weekend.  I have some chores to do.  Otherwise, my only “to do” this weekend is to photograph the Steelers game against the Chargers on Sunday night.  So until then, here is a photo I took of Mike Tomlin earlier this year. 

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43609 Steelers vs Titans 2018 wm.jpg

Window With A View

What do you think of this photo?  You know I like it or I wouldn’t post it for you tonight.  But I’m curious, what all of you think about it.  I took this photo from the upper floors of the abandoned hotel just outside of downtown Detroit last spring during our @motownurbex2018

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Don’t forget to check out my photo galleries.  I update and add to them often. 

BTW_0870 wm.jpg

St. Peter's Square

This isn’t my typical photo.  First, I don’t normally include people especially tourist.  Secondarily, it isn’t technically a good photo.  But I liked how you get to see the entire scene with St. Peter’s Square in the foreground and St. Peter’s Basilica in the background.  I loved the amazing architecture in Rome, especially in Vatican City.

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BTW_8693b wm.jpg

Trevi Fountain

I’ve posted photos from this spot a few times in the past.  And I’ll probably post a few more in the future, because it is easily my favorite fountain in the world…. At least at this point.  As you probably know, this fountain is in the Trevi district of Rome Italy.  It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world.  They started renovations on the fountain to make it more grand in 1732 and finished the job in 1762.  It was refurbished in 1988, 1998 and again in 2014.  Thankfully the renovations just involved cleaning, repair and replacement of light.  It’s hard to imagine they could improve the 1732 design.

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Interestingly, like many famous tourist sites, it is covered with hundreds (maybe thousands depending on the time of day) tourists.  So, getting a shot without people in the way is tough.  Below is a behind the scene photo to give you an idea of what I mean.

BTW_8118 wm.jpg
Behind the scene shot….. to many tourist!

Behind the scene shot….. to many tourist!


This is my old drone and I.  Blair took this photo for me about three months ago when I was doing a drone presentation/demo for the local camera club.  As you can tell, we were at a park…. You can see the playground in the background.

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44726 Brook Ward w Mavic Pro Drone 2018 wm.jpg

Ford Field

I want my Detroit Lions to win so badly.  And I don’t mean just a game, I want a deep run into the Playoffs or dare I say a Super Bowl win.  Is that too much to ask for?  Lions fans have suffered for far too long.  I understand that the Lions troubles are tied directly to ownership and poor management decisions for years….  Poor draft choices, coaching decisions, selection of coaches, poor trades, etc….. but fans like myself shouldn’t have to deal with this ongoing pain.  At least I don’t think so.  So we need a little football magic to kick in this upcoming off-season and run through March of 2020….. 

In the meantime, Lions fans just have to deal with the fact we have a nice stadium and a poorly performing organization.  I took this photo last season, when the Steelers traveled to Detroit.  I got to the game 5 hours in advance to photograph the stadium. 

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BTW_6846 wm.jpg