Speeding Across Smithfield

I took this photo about a year ago, but just processed (edited) it today.  Using my normal process, (total random selection about what photo I process next) I came across this beauty this morning.  I had a rare event happen.  I had a few hours with nothing to do so I processed a large batch of photos.  I normally do few per day, but don’t often get a large amount of time to dedicate towards it.  It was raining outside, housework was done, and we didn’t have anywhere to go so it became photo editing time.

About this photo:  Blair, Dave and I went for a photo walk in early 2018 around the Smithfield Bridge in Pittsburgh.  We met up after work to capture some photos, grab dinner, and take more photos at sunset.  I captured this one as a number of cars and a bus zoomed passed me.  Pittsburgh has some interesting and beautiful bridges.  The Smithfield Bridge is high on the list of wonderful spots.   

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BTW_2688 wm.JPG