Bonaire Salt Flats

As my many loyal fans (all five of them) have noticed, I was out of touch the last week.  No social media, email, or blog.  The entire family traveled to Bonaire and spent the week relaxing, scuba diving and just having fun.  So I’m sorry I was absent from the rest of the electronic world.


We had a wonderful time and I’d highly recommend this country to anyone to likes Caribbean islands, warm weather, nice people, and amazing scuba diving.  It was windy every day, which is a good thing since it keeps you cool.  But it made it hard to fly my drone.  I wanted to get some photos of the Cargill operated salt flats, which was hard to do with the strong winds.  In the end, I got a few like this photo I’m sharing today


To view a larger version, click HERE

DJI_0117 wm.JPG


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