Double Golden

I don’t often have bad trips…maybe never.  But I don’t want every trip I take to sound like it was off the charts amazing.  I’m naturally optimistic and positive, which has an impact on my general outlook about my experiences.  All that said, I had a great time in San Francisco earlier this month.  On my 2nd evening, I took an Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge.  From there, I took a ton of photos around this historic landmark.  After capturing all the photographs I wanted at that spot, I started walking back toward the downtown area taking photos along the entire way.  Today’s photo is from that walk.  I was probably a mile east of the bridge heading towards the Palace of Fine Arts.  I wasn’t really thinking about it or planning it, but for some reason I looked backwards (back towards the area I had left) and saw this amazing view.  Thus, you get this great photo to appreciate.  The lesson is to remember to look backwards from time to time.  You never know what great view is back there unless you look. In this case, the Golden Gate Bridge and a golden sunset.

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