Golf Season

Golf season is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  I’m not a big golfer.  In fact, I only golf 2 to 3 times per year max.  Not much, when you consider some golfers play that many times each week.  When people ask me, I don’t even call myself a golfer.  I just play in a few work events per year.  Regardless, I enjoy being outside and knocking the ball around.

I took this photo last fall just after sunset at a local country club.  They had me out there on a photography assignment.  This photo wasn’t part of what they requested, but saw this in my head and wanted to capture it while I was there.  I liked this photo for the simplicity of it.  It’s not a “big” photo with lots going on or a big scene.  It’s just the ball and the hole…no distractions. 

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