Super Bowl Sunday

Well today is a national holiday here in the United States.  Over a hundred million citizens within the United States and millions more across the world will be watching the big game tonight, as the Patriots take on the Eagles. 

I realize that most of the world (outside of the New England area) hate the Patriots.  I won’t rehash all the reasons why….we all know them already and there have been tons of articles already written on the Patriots (for and against).  I’ve been a Tom Brady fan going back to his University of Michigan days.  As you all know, I’m also a Lions fan and have been my whole life.  So you know, I don’t give up on my teams or players. 

I’ll let haters hate and keep cheering for Brady.  He’ll already go down as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), so it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses tonight.  Regardless I’ll be cheering for the Patriots.  We have a Giant Teddy Bear, that we call GB (for Giant Bear) in our living room.  Today he cheers for the Patriots as well (see below).

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BG in Brady's Jersey 2017.jpg