Ford Field

I want my Detroit Lions to win so badly.  And I don’t mean just a game, I want a deep run into the Playoffs or dare I say a Super Bowl win.  Is that too much to ask for?  Lions fans have suffered for far too long.  I understand that the Lions troubles are tied directly to ownership and poor management decisions for years….  Poor draft choices, coaching decisions, selection of coaches, poor trades, etc….. but fans like myself shouldn’t have to deal with this ongoing pain.  At least I don’t think so.  So we need a little football magic to kick in this upcoming off-season and run through March of 2020….. 

In the meantime, Lions fans just have to deal with the fact we have a nice stadium and a poorly performing organization.  I took this photo last season, when the Steelers traveled to Detroit.  I got to the game 5 hours in advance to photograph the stadium. 

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BTW_6846 wm.jpg