Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

MJ and I had another great trip to Mexico. This time we stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe resort that includes five unique resorts on one campus.  As a guest, you get access to most of the areas at all five resorts with a few exceptions.  On the morning of this photo, we were hanging out at the pool and beach area of the Tulum resort. 

Before traveling to Mexico, I researched their drone laws/regulations to find out what I can and can’t do with my drone.  The Mexican laws are basically a copy of the United States laws, which means you can fly a drone anywhere if it is five miles away from an airport, it is within visual site and it is below 400 feet.  So I’m good to go!!

As I was flying along the beach, over the ocean and above the resort (respectfully high above the resort so that it wouldn’t interrupt any guest) of course the Drone Police (who also sometimes work as tripod police), came over to tell me I’m not allowed to fly my drone in this area.  There are no laws to back his claim up.  Just like there are no laws preventing the use of tripods, but lots of security make that claim.  I personally think this is an ego thing.  Neither of them (tripods or drone) hurt anyone, but it makes the security personal feel important to tell photographers “no”.  As if I’m putting the lives of the guests in danger as part of a large secret government spying program or something….  Ugh….  Regardless, this all took place at the end of my last flight, so I was basically done anyway.  But I don’t get it.  I’m having fun as a paying guest.  I’m not hurting anyone or anything.  I’m being respectful with it.  Again Ugh!!   

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