Gilbert Arizona Temple

I’ve mentioned before that I jump around as I process images.  I’ll process a few photos from one trip, do some from another, then change to a 3rd, etc…  I just get bored if I process to many photos in a row from the same trip/event.  With that said, I just processed this photo from 2015…..  Its been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be freed.  So you get it now in early 2018. 

Location:  This is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the town of Gilbert Arizona.  We spent one night in this suburb of Phoenix at a nice Hilton property in this area.  In advance, I found out about this amazing building (advanced scouting works) and had my friend drop me off before sunrise.  Then I spent about an hour or so walking around the outside capturing photos from every angle as the light changed.  Good times…. 

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