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You’ll have to forgive me.  You might get a heavy dose of aerial photography since I have a new (my first) drone.  I got my drone (DJI Mavic Pro) about 2 days before our trip.  So, I probably had a grand total of 10 flights with it before we got on the cruise ship.  I almost didn’t take it with me since it was so new and I didn’t have any experience with drones.  It is extremely easy to fly, operate and get some great video and photos. 

Tonight’s photo was from our 2nd day on the cruise when the ship was anchored off the shore of Princess Cay Bahamas.  I flew the drone over the ship and took 5 shots straight down (I couldn’t get the entire ship in one photo) and then merged them together in Photoshop later to get this final photo.  Frankly, I think this photo is pretty darn good when I think about how little drone experience I had at the time. 

By the way, this might be one of the last photos of this ship in its current shape/design.  It is going into dry dock very soon and the top decks are getting completely redone (new pools, water slides, etc…).  I’m curious to see how different it will look after.  Anyway, tell me what you think for this aerial photo.    

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