Capital Building

I’ve traveled to Washington DC many times….maybe 15 times…  maybe even over 20 times in my life (MJ and I will be back in DC again later this year).  But I’ve never explored the Capital building or the area around it.  So last night, I spent a few hours walking around this great facility.  This probably isn’t the best photographic version of the building, but I like what I captured.  It was extremely windy last night… something like 20 mile an hour wind.  So it was difficult to capture a photo at night and not get trees to be blurry.  But there wasn’t anything I could do about the wind.  So you got blurry trees.

Regardless, it’s a great, impressive, powerful looking building.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  I’m telling you…its impressive in person.

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U.S. Capital Building

U.S. Capital Building