Swazi Village

During our trip to Africa, we visited South Africa and Swaziland.  Up to this point, I don’t think I’ve mentioned Swaziland or posted any pictures from this country.  During our Swaziland visit, we went to a “traditional” Swazi village, which is where I took this photo.  I didn’t see any villages like this during our travel through the country, so I’d call it more of a re-creation of what a village used to be like in the past.  Today all the villages and homes are made from modern materials.  This traditional village was like the huts used decades ago or like you’d imagine if you thought of an ancient African village. 

Regardless, this spot had many great photo opportunities like this one with the guy in the old traditional clothing….  Again, the Swazi’s don’t dress like this anymore.  They wear western clothing.  But it was cool pretending we traveled back in time to what Swaziland looked like in the past.

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