I hope everyone is having a great Friday. 

I was literally going to post a photo of the Navy Yards in Washington DC, until MJ started giving me a hard time again.  I swear all she wants me to post right now are animal photos from South Africa.  I’m afraid all of you will get sick of them, but she can’t get enough of them right now.  Therefore, I have this Impala photo for you.  During the safari, the guide kept calling them “NABIs”, which states for “Not Another Bloody Impala”.  There were so many of them, that we wouldn’t even slow the safari vehicle down to look at them. 

Regardless, I liked this NABI photo I captured from inside Kruger National Park.  To view a larger version, click HERE

Don’t forget to check out my photo galleries to see more South Africa and photos from other locations. 

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