2014-2015 NFL - My Favorite Photos Of The Year

Well, my football season is done in more ways than one.  The Detroit Lions lost their playoff game….which is typical.  They succeed in finding ways to lose.  And since the Pittsburgh Steelers lost, my photography season is done as well. 

So I thought I’d do a quick recap and share some of my favorite photos from the season.  Here are the games I photographed:

Cleveland Browns – Sept. 7th

Houston Texans – Oct. 20th

Indianapolis Colts – Oct. 26th

New Orleans Saints – Nov. 30th

Kansas City Chiefs – Dec. 21st

Cincinnati Bengals – Dec. 28th

Baltimore Ravens – Jan. 3rd 

In the previous season, it seemed like we had all kinds of bad weather.  So before the 2014-2015 season started, I purchased some good camera rain covers.   That must have worked, because we were very lucky this season.  The weather was perfect (or better then you could expect) for every game.  I put the rain covers on a few times, but that was more for precautions.

Favorite interactions of the season.  Without getting into the details, I had some good interactions/conversations with Brett Keisel, Antonio Brown and Adam Vinatieri.

And finally, here is a link (the picture of Mike Tomlin below is the link) to some of my favorite photos from the season….  Now before you click the photo below to see the gallery, here are a few things to remember:

1.     I like too many of them, so reducing the list down to something reasonable didn’t happen.  My goal was to select 5 or fewer photos from each game….  I totally failed and couldn’t narrow them down to my goal.

2.     I picked pictures that included more then just live action game shots.  For example, I picked some photos of the crowd, reporters, and other non-football players….  Sometimes because there was a story behind the photo.  Sometimes because I think the activities going on around the game are as interesting as the game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Until next season…..when I hope the Lions learn how to win games against good teams……  

To see the entire gallery, click the photo above.

To see the entire gallery, click the photo above.