Watkins Glen State Park

As you’ve probably noticed, I was absent for the last week or so.  I was traveling and didn’t have great Internet access (not to mention, I was just busy having fun).  I started out last weekend by jumping from one state park to another.  I started by going to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania and then went to a few others in New York State on my way to Canada.  Visiting these parks wasn’t planned, but I realized I had some free time to myself before I had to be in Canada, so I took advantage of it.   One of the parks I visited in NY was Watkins Glen State Park. 


This was my first visit to the Finger Lakes area and I have to admit it is wonderful.  My friend and mentor (Mary Ann Eldred) tried to talk me into visiting this area years ago.  She claimed it was nice.  Like all her other advice over the years, she was completely accurate.  Watkins Glen State Park has a wonderful trail through the gorge taking you past a few wonderful spots like the one in this picture.  I started at the bottom and walked up all 800+ steps.


Combined, I think I hiked around 15 miles in those two days.   That doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider the ups and downs of the gorge trails in the foothills of Appalachian Mountains…15 miles was a lot.


Anyway, at the end of Monday, I ended my travels in Brockville Canada…by the way, this area along the St. Lawrence River was beautiful as well.  Just amazing views everywhere we went.  I met up with some diving friends from Michigan and we spent the rest of the week shipwreck scuba diving in Lake Ontario and in the St. Lawrence River.  Most of the dives were in the river.  This is difficult diving… the best way I can describe it would be to compare it to white water rafting…. Except we were deep underwater, it was dark, you couldn’t see (low visibility, maybe 15 feet if we were lucky) and the objects (like boulders the size of trucks) come at you very fast as the current pushes you downstream really really fast.  I had a great time, but this type of scuba diving isn’t for the faint of heart.


The trip provided some heart pounding activities, beautiful locations, wonderful story telling, good food and lots of laughs.  Big thanks to Steve, Scott, Kyle, Larry and Tom for making the week lots of fun.      

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the photo above.

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the photo above.