Pittsburgh River Front

Tonight I have a photo for you from the Pittsburgh river in front of the convention Center.  This is a 7 exposure auto-bracketed HDR images well after sunset.  Maybe not the best composition, but I liked the boat tie down device (that’s probably not the technical term) in the photo.


Please note below the Pittsburgh River Front photo.  Don't miss it.

Surprise Virtual Pep Rally


On Sunday afternoon, a large number of friends and family members are holding a Surprise Virtual Pep Rally for our friend, Larry.  He is fighting a serious disease.  His close family decided to hold this Pep Rally for him.   So everyone is emailing him photos of themselves in their “Go Team Larry” shirts.  I am sending my photo as well as posting it here for him.  I hope he keeps his head up and gets healthy soon.  Go Larry!!!!

Go Larry!!!

Go Larry!!!