Rusty Junk

A few weeks ago, MJ and I piled in the car for one last sunny (and warm) drive before winter sets in.  We went south to Cheat Lake, West Virginia to explore an area we’ve never visited.  Cheat Lake is a beautiful man made lake just east of Morgantown.  We went for a hike in Cheat Lake Park along the lake to the dam.

This beautiful trail had the lake on one side and a very large hill (mini mountain) on the other side of it.  Well as we walked, MJ and I noticed all this junk way up the side of the hill above the trail.  So on the way back, I decided to climb up to see what it was and photograph it.  That sounds easy enough, but that climb wasn’t easy.  Climbing down was even harder.  Why this junk is on the side of the hill in the middle of nowhere….. I couldn’t tell you.  My guess is some West Virginian wanted to get ride of it and decided pushing it over the hill would be easier then taking it to the junk yard….

At least it made for an interesting photo.