360 Loop

Earlier this year, I got a chance to travel to Austin Texas.  I’ve never been there before and I’ll admit now that the city was very nice.  The University of Texas is in the middle of the city, everything was clean and nice.  The Texas State Capital building was amazing as well.  I always find it interesting what characteristics cities have…and they do have them.  Cultures, trends, feelings, etc…  Every city seems to have a “vibe” to it.  Well, Austin had a young, start up, healthy, high-energy vibe.  The general population seemed to have an average age younger then many cities, probably due to the location of the University of Texas.  It is a “start up” location with lots of new IT companies.  Lastly, there were more joggers in that city then I’ve ever seen in one place without an official race or event taking place.  It felt like you couldn’t live in that city without being a jogger. 

Well anyway, I did my normal thing.  I had a list of locations I scouted in advance that I wanted to see and photograph.  My first night there, I went to the northwestern side of the city to climb this bluff to watch the sunset and photograph this spot.  I thought it would be cool with the Colorado River, 360 Loop (highway) bridge and the vehicle light trails. 

The location didn’t disappoint me.  What did surprise me is how many other people were up there to watch the sunset as well.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  If I can find out about it from my computer in Pittsburgh, the locals must all know about it as well.  Silly me.  So I got some great photos pre, during and after sunset.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Eve and Holiday tomorrow.