New Developments (Part I)

As many of you know, I have two websites, which are linked together to act as my official web presence.  I use as my official site where I post my blog updates and photos.  And I used as my online store to sell photos.  Both sites get direct traffic from individuals looking at my pictures. 

At the end of July, (my online store) updated their service and I took advantage of their new setup to modify my site.  I did that at the end of July and surprisingly I have gotten over 10,000 page views since July 30th.  Now that isn’t worth noting for most big websites, but for me that is huge.  In the past, I would have been lucky to get 5,000 page views in an entire year.  So you can see why I am happy and excited.  I have also gotten two licensing request for the use of my photos within the last week.  I think there is a direct link between the new website traffic and licensing requests.