Experimenting With Water

Between watching pre-season football games, housework, and being lazy last weekend, I did some experiments in my photography studio (otherwise known as our sun room).   I’ve been meaning to try some water droplet photography for a while now.  Tonight’s two photos are from those experiments.  It may be boring to you.  I don’t know, but I liked some of the final images. 

The major difference between these two images is when I took the pictures.  The lighter photo was taken mid day with full sun coming through the windows.  The second (darker) image was (you guessed it) taken at night after the sun went down in the same location.  Like I said, I was experimenting….

Photo Technique:

I used a glass baking pie pan to hold the water and dropped water drops into the pan manually using a straw.  My son had a great idea about how to setup some tubing to control the drops remotely, but I didn’t get that far into the setup.  I had my camera on a tripod aimed at the drop zone using my Nikon D800 and 18-105mm lens.  I had it zoomed in tight on the magic area and snapped continuously before, during and after the water drop hoping to catch the magic moment.  Aperture mode, f5.6, ISO 1400, Focal Length 105.  I tone mapped the images in Photomatix Pro and touched up the fine details in Photoshop CS6.

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the photo above.

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the photo above.

290 2nd Pic.jpg