Stuntman or Just Crazy??

Last night I met up with Dave and Brad Truxell (the amazing father/son photography team) to shoot some pictures of the new and improved water fountains at Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh.  This park is the point of the city where the Monongahela River and Allegheny River come together to form the Ohio River.  The fountain hasn’t worked in over four years.  They just renovated it and turned it back on this summer.  I’ll post some pictures of that in the future. 

While we where down there (after the cops left) a young man named Joseph Gill from Sharpsville PA, started jumping his bike off the high (over 6 feet tall) columns down onto the sidewalk in front of the foundaton.  We got his permission to photograph him and took some pictures while he jumped. 

This is a series of pictures I took of him merged together so you can see his flight path through the air as he leaves the column, spins in the air and lands backward.  Now on this specific run, he crashed.  I saw him land it a number of times before this, so I don’t want you to think he couldn’t do it.  But I just liked this specific ending because I thought it was more interesting. 

So you have some idea of scale, Joseph is at least 6 feet tall.  That should help give you an idea of the size of this jump, his skill and the technical difficulty of this activity.  I started this by asking if it was a stuntman or whether he was just crazy.  In the end, I think it’s both.  It was cool meeting Joseph and awesome watching him perform.  Thanks to Joseph for the show.

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the picture above.

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, click the picture above.