Heinz Chapel Vertorama & The Start Of Watermarks

Tonight’s photo is a HDR Vertorama of the Heinz Chapel in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh.  This church is part of the University of Pittsburgh campus.  I haven’t completed a ton of panoramas or vertoramas, but I kind of liked this one.

The Start Of Watermarks

In the past and in the future, I have posted pictures under the copyright rules of Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, Attribution Required, No Derivatives.  All that means is that you are free to download my images and use them for free on your personal PC or electronic device for your wallpaper, screen saver, etc.. 

If you use a picture on your personal blog, you can as long as you link the picture to my site and give me credit.  What you can’t do is use the image for any commercial use without licensing the image from me with my permission.  I haven’t put Watermarks on my pictures because I thought you would appreciate clean pictures without that junk in the way.

I trust people in general and expect people to be honest.  So last night, I read an article by another photographer who does the same thing, but checks his images by searching the web occasionally.  So I tried that and was shocked!!!  I had one picture that was stolen and used on at least 20 commercial business sites.  So I spent the night contacting all of them to request they remove my photo from their sites. 

Some sites took my photo, put their own Watermark on them and claimed the photos as their own.  Frustrated!!!  All of them are thieves.

So for now, I am going with Watermarks based on last night and my eye opening experience.


To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, please click the picture above. 

To purchase a print or view the entire gallery, please click the picture above.