Vintage Bank Vault

On Thursday this week, Dave Truxell and I were given the opportunity to photograph the inside of a vacant bank.  In downtown Washington PA, there is a tall building (probably 15 stories tall….I didn’t count or look) called the Washington Trust Building.  The Washington Trust Company built it over 100 years ago and the bank occupied the main floor.  The bank (Washington Trust Company) went out of business long ago and numerous other banks have operated in this space over the years. 

Currently, a bank is operating in the front portion of the space, but the back portion has been vacant for years.  As you can imagine the entire space is build with marble, large columns, tall ceilings, etc…like you’d expect for a grand building constructed back at that time in our history.   The original Washington Trust Company bank vault is still sitting there, just waiting for me to come along a take this photo. 

The vault door is 21 inches thick and weighs 36 tons.  It has a cool glass cover on the inside of the door allowing you to see all the gears and mechanical parts.  The door is at least 8 feet tall, if not more.  I can’t even imagine how they installed this vault back when we didn’t have forklifts, etc….  The inside of the vault is approximately 12 feet by 40 feet filled with brass safe deposit boxes of numerous sizes. 

Photo Technique:

I captured this with a 5 exposure auto-bracketed in Aperture mode set at f11.  Merged the images in Photomatix Pro to create the HDR image and completed some minor edits in Photoshop CS6.

To purchase a print, please click the picture above.

To purchase a print, please click the picture above.