Wet Foot - Cold Water at Mingo Park in Washington County PA

Wet Foot

Yesterday, we finally got some sun here south of Pittsburgh.  There have been so many cloudy gray days, that it’s been depressing.  So with nothing to do and a little sun, MJ and I went to a few local spots to get some winter pictures.  This picture is of Henry Bridge in Washington County’s Mingo Park. 

I wanted to get as close to the water as possible to get some great details in the foreground.  To get this picture, I was standing in the water (this time of year, the river level is low), which I expected to be fine with my boots….  Well, I didn’t realize the right boot was ripped open allowing a free flow of water inside the boot.  I’ve had these boots for a long time, but I rarely use them.  Therefore I was a little shocked to fine my foot getting wet and cold.  After getting over this little shock, we captured some great photos.  In the end, we had some great weather for this time of year and a wet foot, which was a small price to pay for this photo.

Photo Specs:

I used my Nikon D800 with a 14-24mm 2.8 lens on a tripod.  I extended the tripod legs out to the side as far as possible to get my camera within about 12 inches of the water.  I set the camera on Aperture mode with it set at f22 to make sure I had a very large field of view.  I also set my camera up to take a 5-bracket set of exposures (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2).  After getting home, I processed the 5 exposures in Photomatix Pro to get the HDR image and did some minor editing in PS CS6 (sharpened, reduced noise, and deleted a few things like a trash can and some street signs). 

There you have it.  A fairly good winter stream photo.  Enjoy.

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To purchase a print, please click the picture above.

To purchase a print, please click the picture above.