Visitor Update - Pennsylvanian Building

The Pennsylvania Building was built in 1900 as the Pennsylvania Union Station Depot with 10,000 passengers per day passing through the station.   Today it is an elegant apartment building with office spaces, spa, beauty shop, and other businesses.  I haven’t been on the inside of this beautiful facility, but I can tell you it is amazing from the outside….as I think you can see.   This HDR picture was taken about two weeks ago at around 8pm.  Photo’s specs:

Nikon D800

7 Exposure brackets (0, +3, -3)

14-24mm 2.8f lens

Long exposures…some as long as 20 seconds.

HDR image created in Photomatix Pro and tweaked in Photoshop CS6

Visitors:  MJ and I had a nice (sort of surprise) visit with Rodney and Angel M. last Saturday.   They were going to be driving from Michigan to Virginia to pick up their son.  They didn’t know if they would stop to see us and we were going to play it by ear because they were not sure of their schedule.   In the end, they stopped by and we had a great visit catching up on family, travel, old friends and camera talk.  We really enjoyed the visit and I appreciate the fact they drove out of their way to see us.   

Pennsylvanian Building

Pennsylvanian Building