Pripyat Apartment Building

I haven’t posted a Chernobyl photo recently, so here you go.  This is one of the large apartment buildings in the city of Pripyat a few miles from the nuclear power plant.  Typical Soviet utilitarian style construction.  As you can tell, I was there in the fall while the leaves where changing colors and used by drone to capture this image.


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DJI_0293 wm.JPG

Lighted Flower

I processed this photo last night.  I forgot I even took this photo from my San Francisco trip.  So, when I found the raw images on my hard drive, I went right to work editing this photo.  I liked how it turned out. 

This is from a courtyard between a complex of buildings in the Financial District.  This lighted flower structure is the decorative top of an elevator within the courtyard. 


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BTW_3862 wm.JPG

Beach Pool

This will be my 2nd post from Mexico in a row.  I usually mix them up a little.  I took this photo with my drone hovering over the bar looking down this extremely long pool towards the beach.  We had an okay sunrise that morning…but it was way better then the couple days of rain prior to this morning.  We spent many hours at this spot lounging in and out of the pool.  Good times at the Grand Palladium!!!


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DJI_0410 wm.JPG

Grand Palladium

We stayed at this resort north of Cancun recently.  The resort is new, it just opened last October.  That meant that they were still working on some final touches and punch list items.  They also have big plans to expand the complex to a maximum of over 3,000 guest rooms.  It has a great beach unlike most of the resorts in this part of Mexico.  Anyway, we enjoyed it and had a great time with our group (some family and friends). 

I took this photo one evening after dinner just outside the main lobby.  There are three of these weird sculptures in a row with small ponds surrounding them. 

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BTW_0948b wm.JPG

Long Beach

We took a cruise out of Long Beach California in 2018.  Like all of our cruises in the past, that was a great trip.  This was our first time leaving out of Long Beach.  As we were leaving, I captured this panorama with my iPhone.  I take a ton of iPhone photos and almost never show them to anyone.  I don’ t know why….the phone takes some great photos.  I just don’t.  So, this might be a first for me.  Anyway, enjoy this view of Long Beach CA.

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1001.10 wm.JPG

Carnival Sunset

I honestly can’t remember which Carnival Cruise ship this photo is from.  That’s just sad if I say so myself.  Regardless, I’ve taken this photo, or a version of it, on numerous Carnival cruises in the past.   It is an easy composition, love setting and easy to capture.  Plus it always makes me happy.


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323.14 2 wm.JPG


During our travels through the country of Swaziland, we had an opportunity to visit a traditional Swazi village.  Traditional meaning an reenactment of a historic village, but it wasn’t how the Swazi people live today.

Regardless, it was cool seeing how they lived back in the day.  During our time in the village, a group of locals put on a performance for us (dancing, singing, etc..).  It was quite nice, and I enjoyed the show.  I snapped this photo of the young male performers between songs. 


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120.15 wm.JPG

Grace To Grace Steeple

Tonight’s post is a photo I took with my drone during my last trip to Detroit.  This spot is about a 100-yards from the famous Michigan Central (train) Station, which was recently purchased by Ford.  That building sits to the right just outside the frame of this photo.  I liked the steeple on this old church, that has a sign on it called the Grace To Grace Christian Fellowship.  Honestly, it was hard to tell whether or not this church was still being used. 

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400.14 wm.JPG

Pink Lakes

Here is another drone photo I took from our Bonaire trip.  This beautiful little Caribbean island is worth a visit.  I loved everything about it including these pink lakes.  They are not actually lakes, they are shallow man-made ponds of sea water setup for the collection of sea salt after the water evaporates.   Just a beautiful spot.


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DJI_0150 wm.JPG

Super Bowl LIII

Today’s the day!!!  Rams vs. Pats.  I suggest we all sit back, enjoy the game and don’t take it to serious.  After all, it is just a game.  So if the Rams win, good for them and their fans.  And let’s all have the same approach if the Pats win.  I want it to be competitive and fun to watch.  Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.


Today’s photos is one I took when the Patriots were in town playing the Steelers.  I enjoyed capturing Brady and the Pats.

BTW_4000 wm.JPG

Bobby Whiskers

Bobby Whiskers is a nickname some of Gronk’s teammates call him or so the Internet claims.  I Googled this and don’t want to get into in here. You can look it up yourself if you want..  Changing subjects…. Do you think Gronk has a chance to be the Super Bowl MVP this weekend?  I think its very possible.


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BTW_4414 wm.JPG


Here is my second Super Bowl week photo.  As you know, I’m posting photos all week of the Patriots, who I’d prefer win.  I took this photo in December when the Patriots were in town.  I love the intensity in Brady’s eyes, which reflective of his approach to the game.

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BTW_4040 wm.JPG

Super Bowl Week

There will be a ton of hype this week, most of which I’ll ignore.  I’ll just watch the game and enjoy it regardless of who wins.  But I am leaning towards one team over the other.  So, I’m curious who you’ll be cheering for during the big game.  Unless you’re from the Boston area, I’m guessing you’ll be pulling for the Rams.  The Patriots have become the team everyone loves to hate.  I get it, they’ve won a ton and it is easy to hate a consistent winner.  That said, I’ll be cheering for the Patriots for a few reasons:


·  Tom Brady is from the University of Michigan and I’m root for anyone from UofM or Michigan State.

·  Tom is just a good guy (family man, honest, etc..), regardless of how people want to paint him otherwise…. Sour grapes if you ask me.

· I want to see another team with 6 Super Bowl wins along with the Steelers.  Frankly, I’d like to see someone tie and pass the Steelers in this category.


If the Rams win, I won’t be upset.  But I’d prefer to see the Patriots tie the Steelers with Super Bowl wins.  I’ll be posting Patriots photos all week to high light my pick.

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39947 Steelers vs. Patroits 2016 wm.JPG


What do you think of this cathedral?  Or should I say, cathedral walls and ceiling?  I couldn’t really get a good photo aimed lower due to the dozens of tourists in the way.  So, I aimed higher to avoid them ruining my photo.  This cathedral is the amazing Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.  Otherwise known as “the Mariners church”.  It sits up on a large hill overlooking the city of Marseille France and the beautiful southern France coast. 

The stripped interior design is very unique for a church or frankly any building interior.  The inside also has a great collection of small scale boat models (donated by sailors) on shelves and hanging from the ceiling.  The sailors give them upon returning from a dangerous trip or in advance to bring them safety.  The construction was completed in 1864 with parts of it started in 1214.  Amazing spot!!


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1.24 wm.JPG

Bonaire Beauty

This little island captured a place in my heart.  I just loved it.  We stayed at a nice little resort at the edge of the town and right on the beach.  Our room looked out over a canal part way between the beach and the scuba dive shop.  Blair and I would get a couple of dives in every morning and then hang out with the girls the rest of the day.  We hit some great restaurants and had this view every night.

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BTW_5107 wm.JPG