Looking Up

I don’t know about you, but my life has been very busy over the last couple of years.  And know it has gotten worse lately, for the obvious reasons.  I love photography and sharing my photos/thoughts with you on this blog.  But it can be tough at times to keep this updated.  With that said, here is a photo for you and a very short narrative.

This is another photo from the Vessel in the Hudson Yards area of Manhattan.  This is from the inside looking up.   

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BTW_6945b wm.JPG

Historic Apartments

This is the one and only historic Pennsylvanian building in Pittsburgh.  It was originally a train and bus station.  Today it operates as an apartment building and as an event banquet hall.  It is a beauty.  I posted a unique perspective of this about a week ago.  Today, I have another unique perspective probably never captured before.

Have a great weekend.


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DJI_0109 wm.JPG

Oculus Shadows

During our last visit to Manhattan, we visited the Oculus.  What an amazing spot!  It is basically a subway station, but that description doesn’t do it justice.  This is an architectural marvel on the inside and out.  It is so modern and all white throughout.  It’s big from the outside, but once you go inside…wow!!  There are three floors under street level with all kinds of cool stores and access to the subway platforms.  Just wonderful.

We explored the inside and the outside (I took a ton of photos of course).  I captured some traditional perspectives, but also some unique angles/composition like this photo.  I loved how the shadows fell across the sidewalk and street.


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BTW_7895 wm.JPG

View From The Top

I had a good photo walk with Blair, Brad and Dave recently in Pittsburgh.  It was a nice hanging out with the guys and capturing some photos. 

If you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh, this building is called the US Steel Building (even though it has UPMC on it) and is the tallest building in the city.  There are great views from within and outside.

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DJI_0020 wm.JPG

Bratislava Sunset

I’m so ready for a return to Europe…..but that will have to wait until next year.  Until then, I’ll just have to look at my photos from prior trips.  Here is a beautiful sunset drone photo from Bratislava Slovakia.  I loved this spot, the architecture and this city. By the way, that is the Danbue River on the left…..

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DJI_0204 wm.JPG


I covered the Steelers’ first pre-season game of the year last night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The game wasn’t super exciting and I had some rust that needs to be shaken off before the regular season starts.  That being said, I got some good photos.  Since it was a preseason game and most of the starters didn’t play, I spent some time capturing elements around the game like this helmet.  I need to remember to take more shots of things like this vs. just live action shots of the players.

 Scroll down to see a photo of me on the field last night.

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BTW_8705 wm.JPG
Me…. photo by Jason Pohuski

Me…. photo by Jason Pohuski

Looking Down

How is your week going?  Mine has been very busy.  Thus, I’m just getting around to creating this post at 10pm at night.  So, this will be short.


Here is a photo I took a few months ago looking down the US Steel Building onto the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.


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DJI_0598 wm.JPG


Blair and I got a chance to meet the world-famous photographer Trey Ratcliff last night.  We spent a couple of hours with him and 11 others talking photography, travel, fun and life.  Afterwards, Blair and I went over to the Pennsylvanian to capture a bunch of photos like this.  This current apartment building, former train station, is very unique.  The building security usually run photographers off, but last night we had free access to capture all the photos we wanted.  I’ve seen lots of photos of this building before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it captured like this…..  I hope you like it.


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BTW_5768 wm.JPG

James Bullough

I took this photo during my last trip to Detroit in the Eastern Market area of the city.  They have a ton of amazing murals in this area that are done as part of their annual graffiti festival.  This area is worth a visit if you appreciate good street art.

This mural was done by James Bullough.  Bullough is an American born artist who lives and works in Berlin Germany.  The sun was a little to harsh when I took this photo, but I didn’t have benefit of waiting until the light changed.

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BTW_2191 wm.JPG

Pittsburgh Airport Tram

MJ and I travel out of this airport frequently.  So we end up riding this tram, since it is a requirement to get from the Landside Terminal to the Airside Terminal.  It’s a fairly short ride and isn’t a problem.  For whatever reason, I recorded it last weekend when we were traveling to NYC.  This was recorded with my iPhone.  Enjoy….

Vessel TKA

As you may already know, due to MJ’s FB post, we’ve been in NYC the last couple of days.  This was one of our first stops upon arriving in the Manhattan.  We explored this cool structure that is part art and part observation deck in the newly redeveloped Hudson Yards. 


A few facts about this structure:  It rises 16 stories and consists of 154 flights of stairs in a honeycomb pattern.  There are 2,500 steps and 80 landings for visitors to climb.  The final cost was near $200 million to build and is currently going by the title of Vessel TKA.  TKA stands for Temporarily Known As because they don’t have a permanent name for it yet.  The owners have a website dedicated to the public helping with the final name.  The Vessel opened in March 2019.


As you can probably guess, I took a ton of photos from all angles….inside, outside, down low, up high, etc… 

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BTW_6762 wm.JPG

NYC Skyline

Since I forgot my card reader at home and can’t download anything off my camera, I’ll just have to share a New York City photo from the last trip.  When I get home, I’ll share some from this trip.

I took this photo in 2017 from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It has been sitting on my computer hard drive waiting to be shared…  Tonight’s the night!!

By the way, my mind must have been on other things, because I didn’t pack very well. I forogt four items that I always pack.


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1.14 copy wm.JPG

Grungy Stairs

I really don’t remember the location of this photo.  Sometimes the abandoned buildings blur together after a while.  We’ll just have to enjoy it for what it is…. 


By the way…. I’m a sucker for arch ways, stairs and doors in all buildings (active and abandoned buildings)…..  Making this photo high on my list.


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BTW_1917 wm.JPG

One World Trade Center

MJ and I are heading to Manhattan soon for a short trip.  I’ll get some work in and some fun in (via photography, site seeing & great food).


That upcoming trip had me thinking about our last Manhattan trip.  Therefore, this photo of One World Trade Center from that trip.    


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353.10 wm.JPG

Cancun Resport Via Drone

I must admit that I rarely watch videos online that last more then 30 seconds.  So, I don’t know how attractive this will be for you since it is well over 30 seconds long.  Regardless, here is a compilation of drone footage I took on our last trip to Cancun Mexico.  It took me months just to get around to editing the video, but here you go.

NikonRumors.com Chernobyl Article

Yesterday, NikonRumors.com published an article I wrote about my Chernobyl experience.  I’m honored NikonRumors.com was willing to work with me.  This is the third article of mine they’ve published over the years.  The other two were on shark photography and Detroit abandoned buildings.  You can see the new article HERE.  Of course, you can also see a bunch of my Chernobyl photos in the photo gallery on this website.  I have a special section just for Chernobyl.  Have a great week.

Below is a screen shot of NikonRumors.com’s website with my article.

Nikon Rumors - Chernobyl.JPG

Greek Orthodox Church

MJ, Scott, Kris and I were on our way to our dinner reservations, when we found this wonderful temple right next door to our destination.  It was very dark inside, and I loved it.  Why I don’t know, but I just liked the mood of the place.  If felt safe, cool, comfortable, old...  The entrance to this temple (the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church – opened in December 1858) was unlocked, but the rest of the church was secured…probably to keep people like me out.  Meanwhile, the group just wanted me to finish up quickly so we could go eat. 

By the way, the restaurant was amazing.  We ate at Griechenbeisl, which happens to be the oldest restaurant in Vienna Austria.  It was founded in 1447 and I can see why.  The food was outstanding.

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BTW_3806 wm.JPG